Email Marketing for (Amazon) Affiliate Websites

Email Marketing for (Amazon) Affiliate Websites

The money is in the list. If you’ve been in the online marketing world for more than a nanosecond you will have heard that line over and over again.

The truth is that the money is most definitely in the list. Whether you have an Ecom business, an online course or a niche website, you will make a lot more money when you build a loyal following through an email list.

Let’s say you have a dog niche site and you promote around 50 different products, you write review articles and buyers guides and get good traffic. Fact is that for every 100 visitors you get on your site, 98% of them will not buy anything and move on, never to be seen again.

Now let’s suppose you have a lead magnet offering a free guide on “Puppy Nutrition Guide: what your puppy should and absolutely shouldn’t eat” and of those same 100 visitors 20 people give you their email address in exchange for that free guide.

You now have 20 people you can send to your information and review articles as well as your buyer’s guides. You can contact them anytime you want and market multiple times to them increasing your conversion rate exponentially.

The best part is that this is a “set it and forget it” method. You only need to create an autoresponder series once and every visitor that leaves his email will go through the same sequence and you will be able to educate them and market to them for as long as they stay subscribed.

I get questions all the time about this, so I made this post to answer the most asked questions about building an email list for your affiliate niche website.

What type of emails should I send to my subscribers?

There are four kinds of emails you should send to your audience:

  • The Value Email: This will be the meat of your autoresponder sequence. In these emails, you give away lots of value that your audience will appreciate and use. This should be a piece of content that helps your subscribers with a problem they experience. This can, of course, mention a product that can help them with this problem as long as you aren’t pushy.
  • Personal/Story Email: This email will tell a personal story about you or something you experienced. Preferably it’s something your subscribers might also (have) experienced. Don’t make something up just to build rapport, it needs to be something you have actually experienced or gone through. At the end of this email you can drop a link to a product that helped you or can help them, but just briefly mention it, don’t promote it.

  • The Affiliate Product Email: This is where you promote the product and provide benefits and features. If you do your own product reviews show this here and otherwise do your best to review it. This is where you try to “close the deal”

  • The Follow-Up Email: In this email, you ask your subscribers if they enjoy the product they purchased and drop your affiliate link again in case they were on the fence and didn’t buy yet (people get distracted very fast these days). Ask them to reply to the email and ask for feedback on the product you promoted. From those that bought a percentage will actually reply and give you honest feedback, this is a goldmine for you as an affiliate marketer because it will give you valuable insights and things you haven’t thought about yet that you can put in your review articles and buyers guides.

Do I only send sales emails promoting my affiliate link?

Of course not, you can create a schedule for your autoresponder sequence by mixing the emails I gave you above and give it your own twist. Sales emails should only be once every 5 to 10 emails you send.

How Do I create content for my emails?

If you’re wondering what content to put in your content emails, that’s the easy part and you most likely have lots of content to use in your Email Marketing for your affiliate website.

  • The obvious one is blog posts you have already written

  • You can create videos or audio of your written content aka blog posts

  • A personal story or event that relates to the product(s) you are promoting

  • A rant: proving a popular idea in your niche wrong by giving it your opinion

  • An interview with an industry expert (ex: a vet if you’re in the pet niche) 

  • A PDF version of the content you have created

  • FAQ your readers send you, that you answer for them

  • Your opinion on a particular product you’re promoting (good or bad)

  • Something that has personally helped you with problem X (a problem your subscribers are experiencing themselves)

There are many more content ideas, use your imagination and you’ll come up with a dozen more then I listed here.

Amazon’s TOS

One thing you need to remember is that it is against Amazon’s TOS to link to an affiliate offer directly from your emails, that’s why you need to send people from your emails to your website. 

That’s another reason to constantly keep testing and improving your review articles and buyers guides.


If you haven’t already you need to start building an email list for your niche website NOW. You are leaving a lot of money on the table of you’re not collecting emails.

There are lots of ESP (email service providers) that you can use to build your email list. I personally use and recommend ActiveCampaign. I love the easy to use builder and the automation you can use.

If you decide to sign up to ActiveCampaign through my link, shoot me an email and I’ll send you my “Affiliate Niche Site Autoresponder series”. All you need to do is import it into ActiveCampaign and change some titles and products to fit your audience and you will have a complete autoresponder series to build a relationship with your subscribers and to market your affiliate products. This will save you many hours if you were to build it from scratch.

About the Author

I am Thierry, I love online marketing, building websites from scratch and growing them to huge income earners and promoting awesome stuff other people made and getting paid for it A.K.A Affiliate Marketing. I'm a dad of 4 awesome kids and the best husband (says so on my coffee mug) to my lovely wife. And most important of all I want to help you build amazing affiliate niche websites so you can own an online empire.