Making more money with affiliate marketing in 2020

Making more money with affiliate marketing in 2020 by implementing these 3 trends.

Affiliate marketing continues to develop at a rapid pace, which is reflected in the continuing growth in the number of affiliates and affiliate programs. Almost every noteworthy webshop has an affiliate program.

The increasing number of affiliates also means that people have to fight harder and harder for the visitor's attention. The competition is fiercer than ever and in different niches only David vs Goliath-like situations.

Making money on the internet with affiliate marketing is becoming increasingly difficult. It is and remains crucial to be actively informed of the latest developments. Which channels do the big players use to attract visitors? How can the conversion of a blog be twice as high with a few simple steps?

2020 is going to be a competitive year for affiliate marketing. Are you going to delve into these trends in time or will you continue to trust your current strategy?

(Micro) influencer marketing

Micro influencers marketing

One person wants to know nothing about it and the other has been able to see the evidence with their own eyes. Influencer marketing, and especially micro-influencer marketing, is more effective than ever. That is if you can get the right price with the influencer. The biggest disadvantage of influencer marketing is that influencers themselves often do not know what price to charge. This can lead to ridiculous prizes or good deals.

Micro-influencer marketing is therefore a suitable alternative. Do a search for an influencer within your niche where the influencer has fewer than 10,000 followers. This group of influencers is not yet bombarded with advertisers’ offers and is therefore often affordable. Earning money with affiliate marketing can then be made possible for both parties. The influencers can be offered to share in the affiliate income or a one-off payment.

Because the influencer is an authority within the niche in which you are active, people automatically trust the promotion channel more. As a result, the conversion is considerably higher than when traditional ads are used.

Voice search? Long-tail SEO more important than ever

voice search SEO

"Hi Google, healthy recipe for low-carb cake", "Alexa, how many calories are in hamburger". These are two simple examples of voice-oriented searches that can be done via a mobile device. A short question to Siri is also asked as a question to Google. The search results that offer the best answer to this question will come up first.

However, that’s not all, because Google also appreciates it if you use its specific words and synonyms. In other words, a mention of the search term "how many calories does a McDonalds hamburger contain" gives you a better chance for the top three.

The ideal way to process this in an article is to organize it as a question and answer page. After an extensive introduction, visitors will have ample opportunity to get an answer to their questions that have arisen from your keyword research.

The second advantage of this question and answer set-up is the way in which Google presently deals with Featured Snippets or smart previews. If you only search for a term such as 'how can I make money on the internet' or 'what is affiliate marketing' you will come across the first examples.

Articles that answer questions are automatically displayed in a preview in Google. The pages that contribute to specific questions are therefore placed higher in the search results.

Finding new topics through Quora

quora marketing

Quora is a goldmine for affiliate marketers and niche website builders. Through this website, anyone can ask their questions about every possible subject. From losing weight to making money on the internet or affiliate marketing: extensive categories can be found on all kinds of topics.

The smart affiliate marketers already learned their lessons in 2019. Everything that is asked on Quora, apparently, has not been sufficiently covered on the internet. If you realize that Google is used for almost every question then it is important to recognize that if people are asking something on Quora, they really (most of the time) can't find an answer.

This is essential information for you. Because you can find topics for new articles in a place where the question and the answers are already there. You do not have to spend hours thinking about where to find specific topics or search for competitors. Search within your niche on Quora and discover how much inspiration can not be found on this emerging platform.

Go do this now, you can thank me later 😉.

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