How To Earn Passive Income From Just One Affiliate Niche Website

80 percent of revenue comes from 20 percent of resources. 80 percent of the revenue comes from 20 percent of the visitors.

This ratio also referred to as the Pareto rule, is relevant to a large part of the entrepreneurs. My blog also gets up to 80 percent of the traffic from a small number of blog articles. And that is not surprising, because that select number of articles are precisely the most relevant

Most of the success stories that I read online correspond to this line of thought. You probably also have a number of pages that attract the majority of your visitors. But how do you ensure that these pages become cash cows for your business?

Every visitor represents a monetary value

Chances are that your most visited pages also are the most relevant. At, these specific pages are about making money through Affiliate Marketing and passive income. Not so crazy that I promote my own program on these pages. 

However, I experience, reverse engineer (and review) enough websites where the most visited page has absolutely nothing to do with the product being promoted or sold. 

Most of these websites have chosen to promote generic advertisements on this page and to collect leads. Nobody lands on one of these pages to buy a product, so the webmasters have to look for a different revenue model. 

Although these websites are far from running the affiliate income of my next example, they still try to get the most out of the most visited pages.

$6000 per month from one article

Is your most visited page relevant? Then you may have gold in your hands. There are hundreds of success stories from affiliates who get monthly passive income from just a few SEO articles. 

A good example of this is a website where only reviews are placed about gadgets (you probably know this site). The majority of these reviews focus on gadgets with a retail price of less than $100. The search volumes of these cheaper gadgets are huge so that a top 10 position can already generate thousands of monthly visitors. 

However, the Pareto 80/20 rule can be viewed in different areas. 80 percent of the visitors come in on 20 percent of the articles. You can also say the same about the revenue; 80 percent of the revenue comes from 20 percent of the articles. And then you start to see a completely different playing field about the website in question. 

Where an article about fidget spinners yields $100 per month, the article 'Best Drones to Buy in 2020' generates no less than $6000 per month in commissions (I know the owner so I know he’s telling the truth). Even though the search volumes are lower. How is that possible? Higher-order values ​​-> higher commissions. 

A DJI Drone of $ 1000 quickly yields an affiliate commission of $ 50 while drones are frequently sold online. Everyone knows what a drone is and understands that certain drones perform better than cheaper variants. 

The result of this is that visitors with love want to pay more for a drone if it turns out that the more expensive drone is better. The high conversion makes it as easy to promote and sell a drone as a cheap gadget. As a result, a single review on drones can ensure that passive income can be achieved with 120 commissions per month. Not bad right?

Earn from your best-visited pages 

But how can you earn from your best-visited pages? That depends entirely on the possibilities within your industry. The fact is that the search for your 'Pareto page' must be well researched. If you know which page yields the most visits that can also be turned into a money page, you can start optimizing this page. And that can ensure that you can get an income from this page, completely passively. 

First, you must search for your most visited pages. Are these pages able to be monetized with a relevant revenue model? If you have a page about abdominal exercises, it is obvious to promote an e-book about abdominal exercises. 

Have you already tested whether you are not generating more revenue if you first collect email addresses via opt-in and then promote the same e-book (or your own e-book) via an extensive funnel? 

It is important not to undervalue your most important pages. Actively research which revenue models and strategies generate the most revenue for your 'winners'. By continuing to work on the visibility of these pages, you can consistently increase revenue from this. 

The next step

You have found your most important SEO pages and linked these to a revenue model or funnel with high conversion. Then it's time to continuously increase the findability of this page. 

The most important articles from websites with around 10,000 visitors per month rank on more than 200 keywords. These are often keywords that barely appear in your text. The same applies to the thousands of relevant keywords where these articles cannot yet be found. 

In short, it is time to start optimizing with all available data before all 'SEO gaps' can be found. You can do this by;

  • Adding new content with a focus on relevant keywords that you are not yet ranking in. Adding

  • Synonyms of keywords that you are ranking on but not yet using in your content Adding

  • images with alt tags of relevant keywords that you are not yet adds in Google Images

  • internal and external links for existing and new relevant keywords

These four actions above are absolutely essential to stay ahead of the competition and to fix your monthly revenue from these articles. 

Do you know which articles will earn you the most money?

About the Author

I am Thierry, I love online marketing, building websites from scratch and growing them to huge income earners and promoting awesome stuff other people made and getting paid for it A.K.A Affiliate Marketing. I'm a dad of 4 awesome kids and the best husband (says so on my coffee mug) to my lovely wife. And most important of all I want to help you build amazing affiliate niche websites so you can own an online empire.