Staying motivated when building niche websites

You may think this is a weird title but it's something that I think is so important when you build niche websites. I am talking about the feeling that you have when creating a niche website, which is often a feeling of being bored or demotivated (after the initial rush of thinking you’re gonna strike gold with this new website).

If you outsource everything the feeling, of course, plays a smaller role but to be honest, I know from interacting with my readers and fellow niche website builders there are few people who outsource the construction of a full niche website. 

Maybe you outsource your articles to be written or link building but largely you depend on yourself to determine which affiliate offers you're going to promote and monetize, testing different affiliate offers, keyword research, etc.

If you are like me and you’re already on your 90th+ domain name, you would think it’s almost impossible to do this with pleasure. In part you are right, it could be a boring affair, but the trick is to learn to love certain aspects, to make a game out of it, and to simply eliminate the dullness.

How do you get the boring out of starting niche websites?

Step 1: Automate or outsource the boring work

There are certain things that you simply don't like to do and that you link to boring tasks when creating niche websites. This negative association causes you to lose your focus fast and to refuse to do anything about it. 

You are less inclined to start and finish your work and you put the project on the backburner.

Which things can you automate or make easier?

  • Installing wordpress via installatron.)

  • Adding analytics (Use the authenticate function of the google analytics for wordpress plugin)

  • Adding your website to google webmaster tools (First add analytics, then you can add your website to the google webmaster tools in 2 clicks using your analytics profile)

  • Create a script that automatically puts your website backup on your pc or server (ScriptFTP)

  • Always work according to a certain structure and keep everything well-organized

What things can you outsource?

  • Technical adjustments to your WordPress theme or plugins (if you are not a techie or do not like to do this)

  • Your website design (determine the foundation yourself but outsource the actual design)

  • Articles

  • Small unique product descriptions 

  • Link building (I like to do this myself, so I hardly outsource this) 

You can actually outsource everything that you find boring to do (it is costly to outsource everything). I do advise you to do keyword research, the site structure, affiliate research and part of (or all) link building yourself.

The consequence of automation and outsourcing

Automating or outsourcing these boring tasks ensures that you have more time to spend on the things that you like and are good at. 

Step 2: Make sure you enjoy creating niche websites

Some things you can use to make it more enjoyable and keep yourself motivated:

  • Don't think about the money you will make, but think about conversions. Do your visitors do the things you want them to do? (from browsing your articles to purchasing a product)

  • Make a clear action for every visitor to certain pages and test test test.

  • Make a game out of it ( Increasing conversions, Click-through rates, Google rankings, Number of visitors, Decreasing bounce rate...)

  • Spend more time on the structure and layout so you get a nice and clear website structure with a direct call to action.

  • Make niches in areas of your interest, like hobbies or interests.

  • What are you personally looking for when searching the best deals with the best prices? Structure your site that way.

  • If you have made a big mistake then be prepared to start all over from scratch if necessary.

  • Finish a project so that you feel good about the website you have started and when you actually start to see results, these results are your drive to continue working.

About the Author

I am Thierry, I love online marketing, building websites from scratch and growing them to huge income earners and promoting awesome stuff other people made and getting paid for it A.K.A Affiliate Marketing. I'm a dad of 4 awesome kids and the best husband (says so on my coffee mug) to my lovely wife. And most important of all I want to help you build amazing affiliate niche websites so you can own an online empire.